Boresha Biashara na UzaPoint

UzaPoint is a Mobile and Web Application packaged as an Enterprise Resource Planning (“ERP”) system for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (“MSMEs”). We help these businesses automate their processes, connect with their clients and suppliers as well as promote growth using simple and affordable technology.
Kwa kifupi, Tunakusaidia kuweka rekodi ya shughuli zako zote za biashara, tunakusaidia kushirikiana na wateja wako, na zaidi ya hapo, tunakusaidia kushirikiana na wauzaji wa bidhaa unazohitaji kwa biashara yako. 

A Business Solution for all

UzaPoint as a wholesome product comes in as the ultimate solution to allow seamless interaction of business processes across the supply chain. Therefore it’s designed to ensure that in the future all business categories in the supply chain will directly communicate using one integrated technology creating what we call an UzaPoint Community. These business categories include: Distributors, Retailers and Consumers.

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Fashion and Apparel Stores

UP Duka is a Mobile and Web Application packaged as an Enterprise Resource Planning tool for Small Scale Retailers across Africa.

Fashion and Apparel Stores

UP DMS is a Mobile and Web Application packaged as an Enterprise Resource Planning tool for Distributors and Manufacturers across Africa.


UP Duka - UzaPoint for Retailers

UP Duka is a Simple and Affordable Mobile and Web Application for the common Mwanabiashara across Africa. It helps them to track their Stock, Sales and Reconcile Payments at the comfort of their Mobile phone or Computer. These small scale businesses we are targeting range from the informal sector (Kiosks or Dukas) all the way to the SMEs offering both products and services directly to the Consumer. These businesses are also able to Order Stock directly to Distributors on the UP Community and Receive Sales Orders from Customers registered in the UP Community. By empowering the Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Africa with Uzapoint, it is our hope that these businesses will manage their scarce resources more optimally and make informed decisions through our business intelligence tools powered heavily by Artificial Intelligence.


Lots of functions for the Retailer

  • Point of Sale
  • Sales Reporting
  • Sales Orders
  • Accounts Receiveable
  • Stock Management
  • Stock Alerts
  • Purchase Orders
  • Supplier Mangement
  • Accounts Payable
  • Expenses Management
  • Payments Reconcilliation
  • Customer Management

UP DMS - UzaPoint for Distributors

UP DMS is a Simple and Affordable Mobile and Web distribution management system that helps manufacturers and distributors to keep track of their sales, inventory and reconcile payments. This solution also allows them to keep track of Sales Representatives while they are in the field. In order to manage their sales representatives, the platform allows geo-tagging of the sales reps' route and territory management as well as task management. To manage their Stock, Sales and payments, UP provides them with both a web and mobile Point of Sale for the warehouse and Sales Reps respective.


Lots of functions for the Distributor

  • Van Selling
  • Geo Tagging
  • ETR Printing
  • Sales vs Targets
  • Route Management
  • Orders Management
  • Customers Management
  • Communication Manager
  • Stock Alerts
  • Cloud Backup
  • Photo Capturing
  • Territory Management

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