Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Kenya and Beyond

Published  1 month ago

 This Women's Month, we at Uzapoint celebrate the incredible impact women have on our communities and economies. Did you know that a remarkable 73% of the business owners we empower are women? This statistic reflects a global trend – women are increasingly taking the reins of entrepreneurship, driving innovation and economic growth.

According to the World Bank, one-third of businesses worldwide have a woman among their principal owners. This number is steadily rising, with the number of startups with female founders doubling globally from 2009 to 2019 (Statista). Studies also suggest that women-led businesses are more likely to embrace sustainable practices, creating a powerful synergy with innovative digital solutions.

Imagine an additional $28 trillion injected into the global GDP by 2025. That's the potential economic boost projected by Mastercard and the IFC if women's business ownership rates reach parity with men. This highlights the immense economic power women entrepreneurs hold.

In Kenya, women are leading the charge in small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). A staggering 48% of all MSMEs in the country are owned by women, according to the World Bank. These businesses are crucial job creators, contributing an estimated 20% to Kenya's GDP.

Despite their impressive achievements, women entrepreneurs often face challenges. A significant portion (85%) operate in the informal sector, limiting access to resources and formalization benefits. Additionally, women-owned businesses tend to be smaller in scale and struggle with access to finance and mentorship compared to male-owned ones.

However, the tide is turning. We are increasingly recognizing the vital role women play in the economy. Initiatives to promote access to finance, digitization, training, and mentorship are fostering a more supportive environment for women entrepreneurs to thrive.

At Uzapoint, we recognize the challenges women entrepreneurs face, such as limited access to resources and technology. This is why we're dedicated to providing user-friendly Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions and fostering a supportive digital ecosystem for women-owned businesses.

Our tools help women entrepreneurs:

  • Reach new customers: Increase visibility and attract a wider customer base through online presence and digital marketing tools.
  • Streamline operations: Simplify inventory management, sales tracking, and financial reporting for better business control.
  • Empower data-driven decision making: Gain valuable insights from sales data to make informed business decisions.
  •  Partnerships for Access to Finance: We collaborate with institutions to connect women entrepreneurs with funding opportunities, enabling them to invest in growth.

Investing in women entrepreneurs is investing in a brighter future. Uzapoint goes beyond providing technology. We're building a community where women entrepreneurs can connect, share experiences, and access mentorship opportunities. By equipping women with the right tools, knowledge, and support network, we collectively accelerate progress for women, our communities, and the global economy.

This Women's Month, join Uzapoint in celebrating the remarkable women driving positive change. Let's invest in women, bridge the digital divide, and unlock a future brimming with innovation and empowered female leaders.

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