Inventory Management

Behold, Inventory Automation!

Our inventory management system provides real-time tracking of stock quantities across multiple stores. It allows seamless inter-store requisitions and transfers. You can conduct stock takes, monitor variances, and keep track of inventory expiry dates and wastages. Receive automated reorder level alerts to ensure timely replenishment. Take control of your production workflow by configuring item conversions and Bill of Materials (BOMs).

Sales Tracking

No more manual records!

Our Point of Sale (POS) system streamlines selling with barcode/serial number support, thermal/PDF receipts, and integration with Mobile Money for reconciliation. Enjoy sale discounts, item promotions, flexible pricing, loyalty programs, bulk SMS, and an integrated e-commerce storefront for online orders..

Procurement Management

Simplified Purchases & Supplies!

Our supplier management system enables you to maintain a comprehensive supplier database, including business information, payment details, and terms. Streamline purchase requests through an internal maker checker process before sending orders to suppliers. Generate professional PDF purchase orders (LPOs) with your logo and order details. Upon receiving goods, inventory is automatically updated, and you can record supplier and upload delivery note/invoice numbers. Easily handle purchase returns and generate debit notes. Access supplier aging summary reports and various purchase reports/statements in PDF or Excel for any desired period.

Accounting Management

Simple Solid Accounting!

Our business management system allows you to effectively manage creditors and debtors, receiving alerts for payment and collection due dates. Assign sales targets, track commissions, and generate payroll for your employees. Monitor and track both fixed and variable operational expenses. Analyze your income statement (P&L) to determine the profitability of your business.

E-Commerce Storefront

More reach, more rich!

Explore our powerful e-commerce storefront feature designed to revolutionize your online business. With our integrated solution, customers can easily browse and order your products from anywhere. Enjoy seamless payments, secure transactions, and efficient order processing. Maximize your online sales potential with our feature-rich e-commerce storefront.