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Cloud based Record Keeping

No more manual records!

Use our platform and get access to your business information anytime, anywhere regardless of the period.

Automated Stock Management

No more running out of stock!

Get stock alerts whenever your per levels have reached so that you can replenish your stock in good time.

Informed Business Decisions

No more uncalculated risks!

Make informed business decisions on a real-time basis courtesy of our Business Intelligence Reports.

Access to new Markets

No more depending on Walk in Customers!

By signing up you are part of the Uzapoint Community. Anyone on the community can be able to convinently order items to you.

Dependable Suppliers

No more unreliable suppliers!

As a member of the Uzapoint Community, you have access to all distributors near you and you have the ability to compare their prices and reviews consequntly choosing who you want to order items to.

Access to Finanacing

No more excuses to restock!

In partnership with Credit Reference Bureaus, Lending firms and Financial Institutions. We give businesses quick micro-loans that can help these businesses restock.