News 18 Jul 2023
My Journey Building a Startup

Your vision needs to be clear; at the point of growth. The vision keeps the fire burning and you can only inspire people to join the journey or bring in investors if you are sure about your vision. Be passionate about the problem you are solving and be patient, your company is like a newborn baby and you need to give it time to grow. Celebrate all the baby steps and milestones along the way too.

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News 17 Jul 2023
Best E-Commerce Software solution (Silver) 2023

We are ecstatic and proud to announce that we have been honored with the prestigious Silver Award
for Best eCommerce Software Solution at the 5th Edition of the Kenya eCommerce Awards 2023. The
awards ceremony took place on the memorable evening of 30th June 2023, at the exquisite Movenpick

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News 20 Jun 2023
Uzapoint Technologies Receives the Prestigious Google Black Founders Fund

Uzapoint Among 25 Startups In Africa Set To Receive the prestigious Google Black Founders Funding

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News 28 Apr 2023

It is April and apart from the Easter Celebrations, we can’t help but recognize that it is also the Stress Awareness Month commemorated nationally in an effort to bring attention to the negative impacts of stress and how we can manage it in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to be aware of what stress and anxiety looks like, take steps to build resilience and know where and when to seek help.

Stress and business ownership go hand in hand. Today’s article reflects on stress in the world of business and how to combat it.

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News 07 Mar 2023
Let's Take Retail In Africa Back To The Basics!

A couple of years back, I embarked on a journey of trying to transform Dukas in Africa to operate like Supermarkets by empowering them with simple, affordable, and innovative technology. Crazy idea, right? "What value would a duka owner get from using an App to record their sales instead of doing it on the book they are already used to?"

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